Business and service are two sides of a coin

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Well! Earning is one of the essential purposes of life. Earning is difficult, but not impossible. If one is dedicated towards earning income for self and family and is ready to accept the challenges, possibilities knock their doors and they grab the opportunities.

There are two main sources of earning; one is through business and other by working with the employer. Chunk of people always fall into ambiguities about choosing a business stream or service field. Here we have few advantages and features together for both of the aspects. As every coin has two sides, both are preferable. However, this is depending on the person’s behavior and perception that where he would prove himself much better. Business or service? To be précised, both give fruitful results if one is passionate in what he’ll do.


Many people believe that running our own business is more satisfactory than working under someone. However, other segment of people believe that service much safer than business. The debate will go on.

Let us look at few yet important advantages / features of business and service:


  • You would put the efforts for your own earnings and creating your own good will.
  • One has complete control over the business and its strategies. All the decisions are taken by himself for his own firm which increases the accountability.
  • Recruitment is done according to the business man’s protocols. He decides about the workers or employees he requires as per the business he runs.
  • The more you would invest time the better is the productivity and earnings.



  • There is a fixed amount of salary which is received on monthly basis. Though the business is earning profits or bearing loss.
  • Fixed working hours.
  • Opportunities of getting promoted and appraised if high productivity is shown.
  • Extra perquisites from big companies are offered.

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