Pieces of advice to commence a new business

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Business is an action, occupation; trading or profession of an individual and the purpose behind this is to earn profits with different kind of investment like capital investment, manpower investment, and time investment.  Goods and services are exchanged in business. And this process has includes customers, manufacturers, traders, retailers etc. There are many individuals who have had started up their business with negligible investment, but have touched the sky now in the economic world with their dedication and perseverance.


Few tips to start a new business.

  • If you are really confident enough to start up with your own business, strategize the complete idea of business. Right from the investment to selling. Planning is the first step towards achieving goals.
  • Decide about the product or service you are passionate about doing the business. Success is not so far if you transform your passion into profession.
  • Prepare a business plan, which differs from the above plan mentioned. Business plan includes every single step to promote the product or services in the market, budget of advertising, sources of marketing, which audience to target, how to create and maintain the good will etc.


  • Surveying about the current price of the product and service in market is essential. Because this would get the idea about fixing the cost price of the product and service to be sold in market.
  • Setting up a great customer service team/system is vital. If one customer is satisfied with your services, he would certainly bring 10 more, and if not, he would ensure that another 20 never approach you. Hence each and every customer is valuable for the company.
  • Selecting a good business name and registering it under legal sections leads to huge and safe business.
  • Motivating yourself and your team from time to time is important for a smooth functioning of the business.

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