How to clean different types of rugs?

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Rugs has become quite popular and necessity at home. Most people fail in taking proper care of it. Even if you vacuum it regularly, you will still need professional help when it comes to rug washing west London. As rugs are of high quality and expensive, proper maintenance is needed to ensure its longevity. Not all rugs can be washed up in the same way; you will have to follow different methods for different rugs. Some of the popular types of rugs are oriental, wool, antique and Persian.  Each of them requires special care and ahs to be handled properly, that the reason you need professional who has understanding of rug washing west London and follow cleaning methods accordingly. Here are some of the types:

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  1. Oriental rugs: these are known for their elegant antique look. Regular vacuuming is not enough to remove dust from these rugs. There are chances of color bleeding while washing it. Professionals have the right equipment suitable for the fabric of these rugs. Also while cleaning it is advised not to do hard scrubbing and dried up complete else it will attract molds.
  2. Persian rugs: These are known for their craftsmanship. But they are most prone to absorb lot of molds and harmful bacteria. The method of washing is must be strong to deep clean it and remove any stains but also gentle so that the weaving is not damaged. There are deodorizers and solutions available meant for the material and should be used when washing.
  3. Wool rugs: Wool rugs are quite sensitive and should be vacuumed more than once a month. It can easily accumulate dust so it is important that it ash to be vacuumed on both the sides. It has to be shaken and left to air dir.
  4. Antique rugs: As the name suggest it will be quite delicate and has to be handled with care. You can vacuum it but will need professional help only to get it cleaned.

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