Exclusive Senior Citizen Health Checkup Package in Bangalore

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To acknowledge, with old age comes ailing health is a hard pill to swallow. It cannot be overlooked however, and to have a regular health Checkup in the later years of life is extremely necessary.

Fortis Hospital, understand the need of seniors and thus have come up with a Senior Citizen health Checkup package in Bangalore. The programmes provide various benefits for the senior citizen.

What are the Senior citizen health Checkup packages and benefits of it?

The senior citizen health Checkup packages have two distinct packages to offer that is the Senior citizen profile package and Fortis health management programme package. Both the packages have distinct offers that deal with different health domains of the senior citizen’s health.

senior citizen health checkup package in bangalore

The Senior citizen profile package offers regular adult routine check-ups such as Liver function tests, CBC with ESR, Total Protein along with stool routine, PSA for men and Pap smear Checkup for women. Not only that they get a consultation with a Physician, Ophthalmologist, Dietician, and Physiotherapist so they could have a better insight of their health guided by experts.

The Fortis Health Management programme is the second package the healthcare centre offers. The offers in this distinct package are rather beneficial for the older adults with Blood Urea Nitrogen, Spirometry, USG of Abdomen and pelvis and special consultation with physician, dietician, and neurologist/cardiologist/orthopaedician.

The senior citizen health Checkup package in Bangalore are customized to cater the special need and attention required by the older adults, providing right solution and consultation for them.

How much do you have to pay?

Considering the number of routine check-ups and consultation from specialists offered the price of senior citizen health Checkup packages is rather economical. The cost of the senior citizen profile package is ₹5600 and for Fortis Health management programme the amount that you have to pay is ₹7200.

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