How to Deal with A Constantly Dripping Kitchen Faucet?

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Dripping faucets are a constant source of irritation, especially when they are in kitchen where you spend most time. Even modern kitchen faucets leak at times. Instead of calling your plumber, you can try to replace it yourself.

Do it yourself- Replace your faucet

Most often, simple knowledge can help you to replace your faulty faucets.

  • First step is to turn off water supply by closing the valves.
  • Open the faucet to relieve pressure.
  • Disconnect water supply from the old faucet using adjustable wrench. A basin wrench can be used to remove the nuts from their position.
  • Pull out the old faucet and clean thoroughly so as to remove any remains of rust.
  • Read the installation manual of the new faucet. Measure the holes and make sure that the new one can be properly fixed into those.
  • Seal the new faucet in the holes using plumber’s putty.


moen kitchen faucet


Buying top rated kitchen faucets

Buying a good kitchen faucet is easy if you have proper information in hand. The point to note is that there is nothing that fits all. Designs and specifications are individual choices. But there are some guiding points to bear in mind.

  • Select designs that are elegant without compromising on ease of use. If a classy look comes with cumbersome features, it is better to avoid it.
  • See the warranty terms of the product. You don’t want to pay extra for minor repairs right from the start.
  • If faucets are to be mounted on sides of the sink, look for those which are long enough to reach other corner.
  • Though pull down faucets are convenient for better cleaning, it is not wise to pay exorbitant prices for just one additional feature.

Expert guidance

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