Charlene Pedrolie Transforms the Rowe Furniture Company Forever

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The Rowe Furniture company was a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listed company in 1995 having about 500 workers on its rolls yet the organization lacked vigor and had not done anything exemplary to set itself among the best companies within USA till Charlene Pedrolie stepped into it. In her early thirties, she joined the firm as its manufacturing chief in 1995 after working for the Lever Brothers in managing their soap line and subsequently with the GE lighting plant. The plant was voted twice as the best factory amongst 26 other contenders which speaks highly of her caliber and this can also be found out at The way she brought changes at Rowe is also discussed here.

Miss Charlene Pedrolie

  • Unconventional methods used Charlene Pedrolie has been trained in chemical engineering and hence she has the technical acumen fully inside her which is put to use abundantly. At times many decisions were taken at Rowe by her that were quite unconventional and even inconvenienced the staff at the factory because they were not used to it at that point of time. The aim was only to increase the productivity of the firm and hence such decisions were made by her that finally paid off and the company soared to new highs.
  • Taking out people from comfort zone She had travelled a lot prior to Rowe and hence Charlene Pedrolie traveler can be said of her and due to this she had experience of meeting a lot of people during her life thus far. She wanted to incorporate this experience of her at Rowe where prior to her joining people from one department hardly knew person from the other so that there was not much interaction as each employee lived within his own cocoon that reflected poorly on the productivity of the firm. Due to her self confidence and belief, it could be realized and people ultimately came out from their comfort zones.

The change in fortunes of the company can be very well credited to the efforts of Charlene Pedrolie.

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