Types of cookware compatible for induction cooking

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Not all cookware will fit in the induction, best induction cookware sets have to have a bottom coiled layer which makes it compatible. If you have got yourself an induction and are planning to buy a whole set of cookware then remember even though your utensils dont have the induction base, most of the cookware made of any metals works up. This guide can help you pick the best induction cookware sets


  1. Stainless steel: Your basic stainless cookware will certainly work on the induction. These stainless steel pans or pots have been made to be fit for induction as well. So no more contributing to new cookware if your most of the cooking sets are made of stainless steel.
  2. Cast iron: It is one of the common and oldest cookware you will find in your kitchen. And it is very much affordable. Iron have magnetic properties, you can stick a magnet to see. AS the induction works on creating magnetic field to heat up the pot, cast iron can be your savior. But they are quite heavy so you have to be careful when using one as it can scratch the ceramic top of induction.
  3. Carbon steel: They are same as cast iron but a lighter one. So suitable for induction. Just like cast iron they are good conductors of heat. They can be used in high temperatures and can turn into non-stick ones after some uses. Due to its light weight, it can be suitable for glass top inductions.
  4. Enameled cast iron: They are cast iron dishes but with enamel coatings making it scratch free.
  5. No aluminum copper and glass: Aluminum, copper and glass are a no-no on induction unless they have a coil based bottom to support on inductions.

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